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Dear Fellow Adventurer,

First off, thank you for visiting my website!

When I started my personal development journey in 2007, I wish I had access to the amazing material that you can access in the Mind Mastery Video Vault.

I could have fast-tracked my journey of self-discovery and mind mastery by years. Don't get me wrong, I am not by any means disappointed that I took this journey which started over a decade ago and continues year after year, but I decided that part of my purpose is to share what I have learned with as many people as possible so they too can start living the life they desire.

Living deliberately is all about taking full control of your life by guiding your thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions in the direction of your dreams and desires.

My Journey Has Taught Me That Anything Is Possible!

Once you understand, master and use the concepts and principles of living life deliberately, your life will change beyond your wildest dreams. We are all born to succeed and the best way to ensure your success is through deliberately taking control of your mind and directing it towards the ends you desire.

You Were Born To Succeed!

Over the years I have gathered an amazing library of resources from books (printed & eBooks) to videos to audio files and together they have empowered me to have full control of my destiny.

It's Your Turn!

I have put together the most important lessons learned into the biggest collection of Mind Mastery Video Tutorials I have ever come across. I have created this collection of valuable life-changing courses in an effort to help as many people as possible take control of their own destiny.

The Mind Mastery Video Vault consists of 10 video courses with a total of 110 videos which you can download and view on your favorite device.

Mind mastery video vault

New content is added every month and there are currently another 12 video courses with 111 videos in development to be released to the Mind Mastery Video Vault.

Video Courses Currently Released...

Beat Information Overload

  • Video 1: 3 Simple steps to sharpen your memory in an age of information overload.

  • Video 2: 3 Tips for managing digital information overload.

  • Video 3: 4 Easy ways to reduce information overload.

  • Video 4: 4 Techniques for beating information overload.

  • Video 5: 4 Time management tips to tackle information overload.

  • Video 6: 4 Ways for getting organized to reduce information overload.

  • Video 7: 4 Ways to deal with today's steady stream of information.

  • Video 8: 5 Steps to get your professional life organized.

  • Video 9: 5 Ways you can improve your time management skills.

  • Video 10: Top 5 ways to conquer information overload.

  • Video 1: Confront and deal with your inner warrior.

  • Video 2: Awaken your unconscious behavior.

  • Video 3: Reclaim the empathy and kindness.

  • Video 4: What is the purpose of your life.

  • Video 5: Simple ways to eliminate negative energy.

  • Video 6: The key elements to decisiveness.

  • Video 7: Greatness is just one step away.

  • Video 8: Leave no man behind.

Bulletproof Mind


Entrepreneurial Drive

  • Video 1: Characteristics of an entrepreneurial spirit.

  • Video 2: Habits of highly successful entrepreneurs.

  • Video 3: How to develop your optimism to drive toward success.

  • Video 4: How to discover and sustain your entrepreneurial drive.

  • Video 5: How to replace procrastination with willpower.

  • Video 6: Keys to motivating yourself and finding your drive.

  • Video 7: Keys to business success.

  • Video 8: Signs you have an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Video 9: Traits of an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Video 10: Ways to develop your entrepreneurial mindset.

  • Video 1: 4 Questions to ask to learn your true self.

  • Video 2: 3 Reasons knowing your purpose can change everything.

  • Video 3: 5 Things that make life more meaningful.

  • Video 4: 4 Ways to overcome any fear.

  • Video 5: 5 Secrets of building your self-esteem.

  • Video 6: 5 Secrets to taking action.

  • Video 7: The most powerful skills you can learn - Goal setting.

  • Video 8: How to structure goals and make your plan - Part1.

  • Video 9: How to structure goals and make your plan - Part2.

  • Video 10: How to develop a stronger mind.

Mastering The Greatness Within

  • Video 11: How to quiet your negative thoughts.

  • Video 12: How to recognize the greatness within you.

  • Video 13: Top 3 ways to learn your best skills - attributes.

  • Video 14: Top 3 ways to overcome self-doubt.

  • Video 15: Top 5 ways to boost your self-confidence.

  • Video 16: Empowering and disempowering rituals.

  • Video 17: Building your own success rituals.

  • Video 18: 6 Core success rituals.

  • Video 19: Get more energy with these 3 methods.

  • Video 20: What 10 minutes a day does for your brain.

Mindful Meditation

  • Video 1: Introduction.

  • Video 2: What is mindful meditation.

  • Video 3: How to practice mindful meditation.

  • Video 4: More mindful meditation techniques.

  • Video 5: Mindful meditation and the brain.

  • Video 6: Why is awareness so important.

  • Video 7: Mindful meditation and work.

  • Video 8: Mindful meditation and relationships.

  • Video 9: Mindful meditation and happiness.

  • Video 10: Successful people who meditate.

  • Video 1: Top 5 ways t avoid procrastination.

  • Video 2: Top 5 secrets of getting things done promptly.

  • Video 3: How to do your best work quickly.

  • Video 4: How to remain happy even when busy with work.

  • Video 5: Top 3 ways to keep pressure from getting to you.

  • Video 6: The 5 secrets of why you procrastinate.

  • Video 7: Top 5 ways to improve your work speed.

  • Video 8: 4 Questions to ask to know if you need a new occupation to be happy.

  • Video 9: 4 Questions to ask to know if being an entrepreneur is for you.

  • Video 10: The 5 secrets to overcome procrastination.

Overcome Excuses


The Power Of Discipline

  • Video 1: Introduction.

  • Video 2: The art of discipline.

  • Video 3: Benefits of self-discipline.

  • Video 4: Why poor discipline can destroy you.

  • Video 5: 7 Strategies to build unbreakable self-discipline.

  • Video 6: How highly successful people develop powerful self-discipline.

  • Video 7: The superiority of discipline over motivation.

  • Video 8: Conclusion

  • Video 1: The importance of forming good habits.

  • Video 2: Learning to deal with obstacles pertaining to your motivation.

  • Video 3: Gaining power over your moods.

  • Video 4: Believing in your ability to succeed.

  • Video 5: The power of positive thinking and affirmations.

  • Video 6: Surrounding yourself with other motivated people.

  • Video 7: Boosting your energy & keeping your eye on the prize.

  • Video 8: Meditating on your goals to stay on the ball.

  • Video 9: Physically priming yourself for success.

  • Video 10: Healthy habits of successful & motivated people.

Success Motivated Mindset


Success Rituals

  • Video 1: Introduction.

  • Video 2: Success rituals fundamentals.

  • Video 3: Rituals of highly successful individuals (Part1).

  • Video 4: Rituals of highly successful individuals (Part2).

  • Video 5: Empowering and disempowering rituals.

  • Video 6: Building your own success rituals.

  • Video 7: Six core success rituals.

  • Video 8: Morning success rituals.

  • Video 9: Evening success rituals.

  • Video 10: Conclusion.

  • Video 1: Get your priorities in order.

  • Video 2: Goal setting for high achievement.

  • Video 3: Write it down.

  • Video 4: Learning to delegate.

  • Video 5: Tips for getting rid of clutter.

  • Video 6: Tips for organizing your computer.

  • Video 7: Tips for organizing your travel.

  • Video 8: Tips for organizing your grocery shopping.

  • Video 9: Smartphone apps to help you get organized.

  • Video 10: Web apps to help you get organized.

The Organized Mind


Additional Courses In Development

New Courses Introduced Monthly

There are currently 12 new video courses in development consisting of an additional 111 videos which will be released to the Mind Mastery Video Vault on a monthly basis. I will release a minimum of 2 new courses per month and as a paid member, you will have access to what is currently available as well as all future releases.

The Video Courses currently in development are:

  • Mastering your destiny.
  • The meaningful life.
  • Smarter brain better life.
  • Self-confidence transformation.
  • Freedom in forgiveness.
  • Warrior mindset.
  • Procrastination killer.
  • Make it happen.
  • The empowered life.
  • Brain health.
  • Breathe relief.
  • Attraction mantra secrets.
  • And more...

I am constantly on the lookout for more resources to add to the already amazing library.

Carlos Batista Coaching

P.S. This is a special offer that you will not find anywhere else. I will do my best to hold this special price for as long as possible, however, as the number of courses increases, there will be a price increase so I would recommend you lock in this low price now and benefit from all future courses at this extremely low price.

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