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Helping you consciously create the life of your dreams by activating your self-awareness skills and raising your internal vibration.

This masterclass is for the open-minded individual looking to deliberately create the life you desire. If you're looking for a life with more Joy, Fun, Peace, Fulfillment, Happiness and less Worry, Fear, and Stress then this masterclass is for you.

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To the truth seeker,

It's never too early or too late in life to begin learning the truth about who you are and all that you're capable of doing, being, and having.

You're here because you want to learn to create purposeful, meaningful change or...

You want to learn to determine your purpose, then follow it with passion so you can...

Be Happy Now!

You're here because you're tired of feeling like life is happening to you instead of you happening to life. You want to discover what more there is to life so that life does not always seem so hard because... It doesn't have to be hard.

You needn't explain what's led you here today in order to see all of the possibilities for success and happiness that lie before you.

I've been where you are so I know what it feels like. In 2006 I went through the worst 18 months of my life in that I lost my father, then 11 months later I lost my mother. This was followed by my wife of 10 years divorcing me after we had just renewed our vows to celebrate 10 years of marriage.

If that wasn't enough, I was retrenched from my position that I held for 7 years due to a takeover of the company I was working for. It seemed like my world was collapsing around me and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

I soon discovered that there was... I had to dig deep to find the courage to face my challenges and keep taking one step at a time to recover from what seemed the worst time of my life.

I did and it led to rebuilding my career and my life. I had to relocate to another country which, took me away from my sons but, I was being paid to travel the world and, with the help of technology, I was able to maintain contact with my sons 4 to 5 times a week.

My renewed success also meant I could afford to travel to South Africa where my sons live, to celebrate their birthdays as well as Christmas with them.

In the space of 3 years I not only recovered but was more successful now than I had been before it all started going wrong.

Success and happiness are waiting for you.

Yes, it's really possible. With the Possibilities Unleashed Masterclass, you can create the life you truly want by understanding how life really works-that it is beautiful and that you are powerful-the changes you seek to experience will be easier to bring about than ever before.

What you are about to learn is that we are all blessed and that "luck" is what happens when true understanding is followed by action. Of course, there will still be challenges and setbacks; these are how we grow and become more than we were before, but when difficult situations and challenges arise, they always bring gifts.

The only way to make a change in your life is to start as there is no "right time" to start living the life you desire. Every day that goes by is an opportunity missed for you to take full control of creating the life of your dreams.

If not now, when? You have to start by taking small steps each day towards the life you desire and this course can help you realize and tap into the infinite possibilities that are within your being.

Infinite possibilities like...

  • Taking full control of your beliefs to understand how they impact your life.
  • Changing the thoughts that do not serve you so you can take action towards your dreams.
  • Understanding the exact action steps required to constantly move towards the life you desire.
  • Preparing yourself mentally for challenges life may throw your way.

You're capable of so much more by tapping into taking control of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

It's your turn to start the journey of discovery into the infinite possibilities that lie within you.

The number one thing that slows people down when it comes to living deliberately is misunderstanding the truth about life.


Maybe you wish you could...

  • Meet your life partner.
  • Achieve the promotion you have been seeking.
  • Increase your wealth to provide better for you and your family.
  • Take the family on that dream holiday or...
  • Start that business you have been dreaming of.




Prepare to be astounded as windows, doors and unexpected pathways are opened for you as you discover a bold and fulfilling way of living your dreams purposefully, lovingly, and brilliantly.

How can the Possibilities Unleashed Masterclass Advance Your Life?

The Possibilities Unleashed Masterclass has been crafted from years of experience and research on the ability we all have to live life deliberately.

This course is divided into seven (7) modules presented in video format with accompanying practical exercises to help you not only understand the concepts and principles being taught but, to empower you to discover along the way how you can implement what you have learned.

To ensure you do not get overwhelmed and have enough time to complete the exercises, you will receive a module every week over a two (2) month period. You will also receive a Completion Certificate to remind you of the commitment you made to live your life deliberately.

Each module comprises of 20-30 minute video tutorials as well as the documentation that accompanies that particular module. At the end of the masterclass, you will have the complete 94-page workbook filled with valuable information as well as your exercises to ensure you grasp the concepts and principles and, apply those that you find of value in your life.

You will have continued access to the video tutorials should you wish to go back and watch them again.

Once you have completed your course and claimed your certificate, you will have the opportunity to book a 20-minute one-to-one conference call where you can ask any questions you may have or just simply discuss your progress.

Possibilities Unleashed Masterclass


Carlos Batista is a Certified Trainer (Trainer ID: 1601-1690) of the Infinite Possibilities Course. His 27-year corporate career provided him with the skill set to launch himself into the entrepreneurial world of personal and business coaching. His passion for reaching those that have not yet been reached empowers him to share the knowledge and experience he has mastered with others.

Carlos Batista


 This is a course for students of all ages and backgrounds on living life deliberately. It's about accepting full responsibility for your future and learning how to create major life changes.

I believe that everyone's special, that every life is meaningful, and that we're all here to learn that dreams really do come true. I also believe that "thoughts become things", and that imagination is the gift that can bring love, health, abundance, and happiness into our lives.

The concepts and principles covered in detail are:

  • Thoughts Become Things - The starting point for creating any type of change.
  • Beliefs - Your beliefs hide behind your opinions about life, people, happiness, etc.
  • Emotions - Our emotions are the product of our beliefs and perceptions.
  • Taking Action - For creating major life changes, taking action is mandatory.
  • Instincts and Hunches, Dreams and Desires - Instincts and hunches come from our "higher" spiritual selves.
  • Faith and the Magical Universe - Faith means having confidence in something that you cannot see such as the Universe.
  • The Meaning of Life - life is an adventure into learning and happiness.

Of all the things you'll learn, you'll find that the most empowering idea of all is that you not only have the power to change the things you don't like in your life, you also have the responsibility to change them.

It is our highest responsibility to ask ourselves the hard questions about life, like who and where we are, what the purpose of life is, and what we can do with our lives, rather than blindly accept other people's answers. When we do ask the hard questions, we can immediately sense their answers, life's beauty and perfection, and the love that makes everything possible.

My mission with this masterclass and all that I do is to remind you of:

  • How POWERFUL you are
  • How FAR you can reach
  • How much you DESERVE

Your dreams are not yours by accident. You have them for a reason, not the least of which is to make them come true. Your dreams are what are meant to be. You just have to do your part, and with understanding, you'll find that NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY BE EASIER.

With this course you'll discover that:

  • You do have the power!
  • You are guided!
  • The Universe is conspiring on your behalf!

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: What will I learn?

Answer: That life is magical, we are powerful and that our thoughts, words, and actions are how our dreams come true.


Question: How quickly can I transform my life?

Answer: Anything meaningful in life takes time, but with definite, conscious and clear action, your results will astound you.


Question: How do I change beliefs that have been with me for years?

Answer: Any belief can be changed when you understand where that belief came from and whether you now accept it or not.


Question: I have been applying the Law of Attraction without any success, how is this any different?

Answer: When you understand with clarity exactly how the Law of Attraction works and how you define your end results impacts your success, you too will benefit from its power.


If you would like to find out more or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me here.