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I have been dabbling online for more than a decade now but over the last couple of years, due to circumstances beyond my control, I decided it was time to take charge of my life and my situation by taking control of my destiny. Prior to this realization, my career was built over 27 years in the corporate world, building someone else's dream (as I discovered later when he decided I was no longer needed).

Like almost everyone I know, I have faced my fair share of challenges which have affected my life in one way or another. Many of those challenges were out of my control but... I came to realize that there is one thing absolutely in my control which is... HOW I REACT TO IT!


This led me down a path of personal development through online research, reading many, many books and trying many, many different techniques to take full control of my life and where it was taking me.


Throughout that journey, I also determined that it was time to start building my own dream instead of working to build someone else's dream. It was time to start my own business.


Once I made that decision... the next journey started on how, where, what and many other questions that came to mind. Again I researched, tried, tested and developed countless methods, systems, and techniques with very little success. I came to the decision that... THERE IS NO GET RICH QUICK SYSTEM ONLINE!


There is a huge offering of websites promising you wealth in no time at all. I have tried more than I can begin to list and the only thing I found to be true is... The Only People Getting Rich Where Those Selling Me Their Hype!


I did not give up because there had to be a way... a better way... an honest way... and it hit me!


There is a way... a way for me to build the lifestyle of my dreams.


I had to identify my vision, my dream and... turn that into my own business so... I DID! I decided from the very beginning that I was going to run my own business and not build someone else's. I would welcome joint ventures and partnerships but, there had to be a benefit for all and not just one.


My Mission which is based on my Vision is very simple...


"Help as many people as I can to get what they want... provided they want my help... then I will get what I want! I am at my best when I am contributing towards others being at their best!"


I established my strengths, my weaknesses and my passion which all led to me specializing in Mindset and Transformation Coaching.


I do not and will not offer anything that I do not believe will be of benefit to others and although I will not guarantee anything, there is one thing I can say for sure...

If You Want To Succeed At Anything... You Can & You Will... Provided You Put In Massive Action!


I now own numerous websites, blogs and social media accounts where I share my knowledge and skills as well as show others the services and products which have been tested, changed and developed to help others succeed in achieving their dreams. I do not want you to help me build my business... I want to help you build The Life You Desire!


I have knowledge and expertise in many fields and my goal is to pass on my knowledge, programs, software, tips, and techniques so that you can use them for your own success.


I am always available to assist anyone as I do not believe in hiding behind a website address. Anyone is welcome to contact me by using the Contact Form on this site and if you want to speak over the telephone or on Skype, I am more than happy to share my contact information with you.


Thank you for taking the time to find out more about me and I look forward to working with you. If however, we don't get to work together then... I wish you all the success you work for and deserve!


Yours in Personal Success!

Carlos Batista

Carlos Batista