6 Signs That Fear Is Keeping You In Your Comfort Zone

Comfort zone

Fear can be a good thing. Fear keeps us from doing something that might be harmful or fatal. Fear keeps us alive. But there is another side to fear, fear keeps us from achieving. Fear keeps us from being able to go outside of our comfort zone and keeps us stagnant and takes away our goals.


How does this happen? Here are six signs that fear is holding you back.


1. Fear is negative. Every decision we make has an upside and a downside. There are two ways it can go, either it works, or it fails. It pays off or loses the initial investment. Fear only sees the downside. Through the lens of fear, the only possible outcome is failure.


2. Fear is meant to guide your actions before you’re aware of them. When man was a hunter/gatherer, this was a handy trait when attacked by a lion. There was no time to analyze why the lion was attacking; our bodies just knew it was a good idea to RUN. But fear doesn’t allow you to think. It’s designed to do the exact opposite.


3. Fear doesn’t like to try something new. The unknown is a scary place. What if you don’t have control? What could harm you that you’re not expecting? Fear doesn’t try anything new, even to the point where we stay in a bad situation because it’s what we know.


4. Fear keeps us in a lesser state. Fear keeps us from exploring, fear prevents us from accomplishing. Fear keeps us from relationships, from writing, painting, creating – from putting ourselves out there and interacting with the world. Fear would keep us in a small room without ever leaving if it could. In essence, that is exactly what a comfort zone is.


5. Fear takes the place of intuition. You often hear people who have made great strides talk about “trusting their instincts.” Instincts do not exist where the small voice of fear has dominion. There are no instincts when your fear is running the show.


6. Fear is indecisive. Remember with fear, there is no “right” decision. There is no way to be correct, to have the right answer. So, fear makes no decision at all. Fear cannot make a decision
because there is no way to make a right one. The fact is, the only wrong decision is not making one.


If fear will prevent you from growth, will rob you of your life and potential, then how can you ever expect to become the person you’re meant to be. Don’t let it. If you’re ever going to want to escape the comfort zone, you’re going to have to face those fears – and move beyond them. You can do it! Just take it one step at a time.

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